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If You need Help of Professional Locksmith in Munich Bavaria / Germany, then call our 24/7 Locksmith Emergency Service in Munich Germany. English speaking.



We open locks of any configuration and any type, without damage.

Our Locksmith Munich masters can Professional opening of locks of all types of any complexity, without damaging the door. At your request, the master can replace the lock with a new one and determine the cause of the breakdown.

To carry out the work, you must have with you or in the room a document giving the basis for opening the door, apartment or other room (garage, office, shopping pavilions, cars etc.)

The Locksmith Munich master will arrive to you at a time convenient for you, in case of an emergency within 20 to 40 minutes after the call.

 A Locksmith Munich Team of skilled craftsmen on duty
24 hours and 7 days a week in Munich as well as the suburbs and the region Bavaria.

We open locks of any configuration in Munich around the clock.

Experienced staff are ready to open the lock of any complexity!

If you don’t know how to open your door lock in Munich?

Call Locksmith Munich!

If the lock is broken, the key is lost or broken, the mechanism is jammed or the door is closed – our craftsmen will help you open the door quickly, accurately and without damage. We will objectively assess the damage to the bolt mechanism and carry out repair and prevention, or replace and install a new one.

We provide the following services:
Opening locks and doors in Munich
Replacing the lock in Munich
Larvae or Cylinder Replacement
Opening of safes in Munich
Opening garages doors in Munich
Installation of locks

Our Locksmith Emergency Service open doors, cars, safes and garages in Munich and in Bavaria Germany

If the door is slammed, the lock is damaged or the keys are lost – do not worry, our masters know a lot of ways how to open the metal door using special tools.

Call us, and our locksmith Munich specialist, like in a bear cub, will help you gently unlock the lock or open your car.

Many private houses and garages in Munich are equipped with internal locks, and iron doors constitute a serious protection. If you need to get into a house, garage or other room but for some reason you do not get it – call us and we will help you.

The final price depends on the complexity of the mechanism, and the number of unlocked locks. The lock master performing the request will diagnose and agree on the price based on the results.

The main problems encountered with locking devices.
Bent key.
Slackened door, jammed lock.
Lost key.
Keys stolen.
The key turns, and the lock does not come off.
The key does not turn in the lock.
The lock was filled with glue or damaged.
The key broke, and a part got stuck in the lock.
The key does not fully enter the lock.
Wrongly inserted the wrong key and the lock does not work.
Damaged lock when attempting to break or vandalize.

Restoration of locking devices after the work of the Police or Fire Department.
Raised door handle locked lock.
On the inside, it is closed with a latch or latch.
The key is inserted into the lock on the other side.
The lock does not work, due to frost (froze)
The child was locked on the latch from the inside, the cat or dog clicked on the latch of the lock.
The problem when changing the owner or tenant.
Not a quality castle in the new building.

Scope of service emergency service Lock-Master.
In everyday life there are often emergency situations when you do not have the opportunity to go home, open your own car, garage, safe or office. This happens as a result: a malfunction of the lock, loss of keys, the lock is turned or scrolled, the key is broken, the code is lost. In such situations, our master will quickly help open the slammed door.

Independent attempts lead to damage to the locking mechanism, which greatly complicates the work and increases the cost of emergency services. Special tools, our professionals will produce breaking the door without damage.

Modern door designs are equipped with sophisticated, high-tech designs, the highest category of protection against burglary and unauthorized entry. But our masters are prepared to work in emergency and emergency situations, will perform an emergency opening, urgent repair or replacement of the locking mechanism. They know all the common types of breakdowns and faults. Duty masters around the clock will help eliminate these problems.

Level and cylinder types of locks, mainly mounted on one door for better protection. Employees of our emergency service work with all mechanisms and types of doors: mortise and overhead – the most common on wooden and iron doors, as well as with an electronic code.

Call our Munich licksmith emergency service by phone or use Viber, WhatsApp or Telegram and our lock master Munich company will solve all your problems in breaking the lock without damaging the door.

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